About Us

We are GAPL, We are Food & BeverageTextilePharmaceuticalPaperPackaging INDUSTRY

Glory Agro Products Ltd “GAPL” was set up to manufacture maize (corn) starch and maize by products using the wet milling process. The factory is located outside the Bangladesh capital of Dhaka in Habiganj. The corporate headquarters are in Dhaka.

Who We Are

GAPL is the most modern Maize Starch Company to be set up in Bangladesh using the latest available foreign technology.

The Greenfield unit was set up in the new industrial zone in Habganj, just to the north of the Bangladesh capital Dhaka, situated along the Dhaka – Sylhet highway.

GAPL is a company that follows the highest quality standards in its manufacturing process, ensuring value for the clients as well as the end users. GAPL aims to be the market leader in the maize (corn) starch industry in native starch in Bangladesh.

The company mainly caters to the Textiles, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Food, Adhesives and other industries.

Our by-products: Corn Gluten Meal, Germ and Fiber are commonly used in the animal feed industry.