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GAPL using the most modern and  latest available Technology

Who We Are

Glory Agro Products Ltd “GAPL” was set up to manufacture maize (corn) starch and maize by products using the wet milling process.

GAPL is a company that follows the highest quality standards in its manufacturing process, ensuring value for the clients as well as the end users.


Our Products

Maize starch powder is derived from maize, which is commonly known as corn. Maize starch is a granular, odourless, tasteless, white powder.
Maize Starch is important in the food industry as its viscosity, opacity, binding capacity, improving texture and thickness helps improve the taste and texture of food.
One of the most common uses of Maize Starch is in the textile industry.
Pure pharmaceutical starches free from microbial bacteria manufactured through GMP can be used for binding, carrying, disintegrating, thickening and coating in a myriad of applications.
Maize starch is used in the Paper industry as a surface-sizing agent, as a binder, as a coating agent to increase the paper strength, to enhance bursting, tensile strength, elongation, fold endurance and pick resistance amongst other purposes.
Maize Starchis found in adhesives and gums. It is used to strengthen paper and corrugated boards in the packaging industry.